Thursday, May 30, 2019

Zion Trip

Saturday May 25th, 2019
We woke up and had Cracker Barrel a tradition for every Zion trip , then drove up the mountain and unpacked my parents motor home. The main reason we love going to Zion is going tubing down the river. The first thing we noticed while driving is how high the river was at the bottom. It was very high and moving very fast. I will attach some photos but really they do not do it justice! My little cousin came and was only there for a day, so she asked if we could go tubing while she was there. We got dressed and headed out. This was the first year Ryan wasn't able to come into the water. He wasn't healed yet from the port and didn't want to risk an infection. The moment i stuck my foot in the water it went numb, yes literally like ice ( 38 degree water). My mom purchased new tubes that had no handles and the holes were too large so we kept slipping. Me and Caleb flipped our tubes , I took about 75% of the rapids down without a tube. I hopped on my stomach just in time of the major drop. We made it around the corner only to realize the water was too cold and fast to continue. Next time we will be getting our normal tubes! We spent the rest of the day relaxing, making smores and playing games.

Sunday May 26th, 2019
I think Ryan really began to feel tired. He was not resting because he is stubborn and thinks he can tough it out. We've already had about 50 million tiffs about him doing too much. Ryan still had some side effects from his shot such as nausea, increased hip pain and a  new symptom vision changes. We will be getting him an eye exam to make sure there are no complications. Ryan spent the day watching me pull Brinley around and around in her little wagon. I also got to take her swimming and she started kicking her legs ! We stayed up super late playing games since that really all ryan can do.
Did i mention that we also slept in a tent because he wanted to and i wasn't going to let him be alone.

Monday May 27th, 2019
We had breakfast and packed up to leave it was raining and so beautiful! I will attach pictures down below. Ryan has this idea of keeping things as normal as possible and decided to drive back to my parents. He handled it well but was very tired by the time we got home. He barely ate dinner and went to bed early.

Tuesday through Thursday
There's not much to update on we have spent the past couple days getting things back to normal. Brinley has been extremely clingy but very happy to be home with momma. Its been a blessing to spend time with Ryan. He was constantly working and I felt like i never saw him. We have done our best to look at all the positives of this situation even though its weighing heavy on us. I Pray daily that God gives my husband the strength to fight !

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