Monday, June 17, 2019

Chemo Treatment #2

Monday June 10th, 2019
Today was the big day , the day we introduced another new chemo. This one is called Adcetris it’s a target drug for the specific cancer Ryan has. Adcetris does not have your usual side effects it has some really rare and scary conditions that can happen. We knew to expect him to feel worse but we weren’t sure how much worse. We went it in at 9:30 and were taken back very quickly to the chemo area. They quickly started the access to his port and blood work. Ryan has always used the numbing spray when they access his port but this time he denied it and he said it was actually less painful. They ran his labs to make sure he was okay for chemo. Everything looked fantastic !! This course started with steroids, nausea meds then they did a round of Benadryl for the new chemo. The whole process takes about 4 hours from start to finish . The one thing that irritates me is that they do not have anywhere besides swivel stools for patients family to sit! Ryan really doesn’t feel much from his treatment at first besides a burning nose. We’re working on getting the burning pain under control so it’s not so uncomfortable. We went home and he was feeling great until about 9pm . This round was a little bit stronger and the increase really affected him. He had severe nausea and was extremely tired. His whole body was so week I was helping him get in and out of bed .

Tuesday - Sunday the 17th
We went it in on Tuesday to receive Ryan’s white blood cell shot called neulasta.This shot isn’t painful but for some reason it makes Ryan want to throw up when he receives it . The doctor discussed we have two more treatments then we will scan to see how the cancer is reacting. If it’s almost gone ( in Jesus name it will be ) they always do two more after the cancer is gone and then he will be considered in remission ! My parents take us to Disneyland every Thanksgiving so we have a goal in mind !! The doctor feels like Ryan’s body is responding to chemo well already. He’s had a decrease in fevers, night sweats and the bone pain from his cancerous lesions. We are so excited about progress.

The rest of the week Ryan has experienced the usual side effects of chemo and has spent the days trying to relax. Friday I went and saw Ryan’s doctor for some unusual blood work that I had and got a few more test done. My T cells are high and my B cells are low . It could mean anything but there’s a few specific things the doctor will be looking for . Depending on how those labs look will determine weather or not I will need a bone marrow biopsy . We have a couple scans for me and hopefully some answers . We joked with the oncologist that we now both get to bug him .

Saturday Ryan did some yard work and it wiped him out extremely bad but he still wanted to go to prayer. Ryan was told not to go to church during peak days 3-10 for his high risk of infection. He went anyways and did not wear a mask and guess who got sick. Ryan woke up on Father’s Day very sick with a sore throat and sinus infection . He was so sick we had to go into the er where they did some labs and he received a bag of antibiotics. Father’s Day was the first day Ryan really felt neuropathy in his hands and it’s really bumming him out.

Thank you for all your prayers , support and love. We had a really long and tiring week I couldn’t even get a moment to update !

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Ryan Losing His Hair

I want to start off by stating that i am so sorry for a lack of updates, I have had major issues with the website and bog. We have everything back under control just in time! This past week has been very eventful for us. I have multiple health issues and when ever i am stressed my body shuts down and does weird things. Last Friday night we ended up in the ER because i had a hemiplegic migraine which mimics a stroke. Ryan was not able to come in so he just slept in the car while i was inside.

Ryan is at a point where he has good days and bad days. I am sure this is a common thing for most people on chemotherapy. The problem is he does too much on his good days and makes those bad days much worse. Hes started experiencing some new symptoms and also started having hair lose. I told him he was starting to thin out and he kept telling me no. Sure enough the next morning he woke up and his scalp was extremely tender, which is a sign that the hair is turning lose. The next morning he had several bald spots and his hair was coming out in chunks. We decided it would be best to just shave it off to help with the amount of hair im cleaning up. He is definitely getting used to it as am I. I keep walking around the corner and I see him and almost have a heart attack forgetting its just him lol. Brinley was very confused by his hair and kept giving him weird looks. I wish i could of captured it. She just thinks its funny to rub his head. I want him to feel handsome and loved from me as much as i can. I've tried my best to compliment him and show him some extra love as i know that a man would never admit it but sometimes this kind of change can be hard on them too.

There isn't much more to update with Ryan as we didn't have any Doctors appointments this week. However i did see an allergist and got an allergy prick test only to find out i tested positive for 33 allergens. I'm allergic to all grass, some trees,weeds,bushes,mold, and animals. The test did not include any food allergens so i wont be able to find out that until later. Those of you who don't know Ryans a landscaper and is around all of that consistently lol!

Thank you all for continuing to read our journey i will have more major update this week as Ryans chemo is tomorrow! We appreciate all the love and prayers!